Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder 3.2

It is a small tool that will record and repeat your mouse and keyboard actions (See all)

Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder is a small tool that will record and repeat your mouse and keyboard actions. Moreover, the application includes the Key Presser app that can press keys automatically, and the Mouse Clicker.
This small application may be of great use to you, for example, you may record the mouse actions when leaving your signature in a document, and in case you will need to sign again - just use the app to repeat the mouse actions. Key Presser may be useful for gamers, when they, for example, need constantly to press one and the same button when playing a game.
The program is very easy to use, you will just need to press hotkeys to start recording and repeating. You will be able to set the number of repeat times, and the period of time an action should be repeated, as well as the delay time between two repeats, and the repeat speed. Also you will be allowed to specify the record directory, and set hotkeys.
The settings of Mouse Clicker are almost the same. But you will also be enabled to set the mouse click action (single or double click,) and button (left or right). Also, the click point is adjustable: you can set the positions of the mouse click, or just set the program to click where the mouse is.
When using Key Presser just define the key to be pressed, and set the press options: the delay time if needed, and the character of the press event (whether a key should be pressed continuously or not).

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